Is This a Typo?, 2022 
⚘ Art Direction 
⚘ Book Design 
⚘ Rug Design 
A book on names that are often mispronounced and misspelled.

Feature on It’s Nice That
Talk at Printed Matter
Available at Printed Matter and Draw Down Books

RISD Spring Speaker
, 2022
⚘ Identity Design
⚘ Poster Design
⚘ Motion Design
Fruity identity for RISD Graphic Design's
2022 Spring Speaker Series.

Collaboration with Lian Fumerton-Liu

Ten Years of
, 2022 
⚘ Motion Design
⚘ Merch Design
Identity for Once–Future Office's
new website launch and 10th anniversary celebration.

Fairy Tale Architecture, 2022
⚘ Exhibition Design
An exhibition on unrealized structures that explore the relationship between fairy tales and speculative architecture. Exhibition at the Center for Architecture in New York.

Worked with Joseph Wulf at Once–Future Office

Origin Story, 2023
⚘ Website Design 
Website that gathers footage of “home” of third culture kids who grow up everywhere.

Swish Swoosh, 2022
⚘ Identity Design
⚘ Book Design  
⚘ Knit Design
On bilingual Asians who switch codes.

Contributors: Kerr Cirilo, Caroline Ju, Samuel Leung,  
Ryan Yan, and Anni Zhang
Photography: Dougal Henken

The Chronicles of
⚘ Book Design
⚘ Glass Production
On my family’s resilience after the Korean war. 

RISD Fleet Library Special Collection 2023 Winner
Glass production guidance: Jocelyn Prince

City of Ayutthaya,
⚘ Identity Design
Identity for the UNESCO World Heritage Site
City of Ayutthaya, Thailand.

From the Other Side, 
⚘ Book Design
On North Korean people's experiences rarely featured in media. 

Compass for the
⚘ Art Direction
⚘ Spatial Design
Honoring the lives of the Asian refugees lost during their escape. Contact for video.

Love Me, 2022
⚘ Object Design
A response to the rapid rise of Asian hate crimes in America following the pandemic.
Acrlyic yarn and colored mirror acrylic.

Photography: Renee Heeyoung Cha

This is a Strike, 2021
⚘ Book Design  
A publication that serves as a strike sign. On rebellious artists who protest.