City of Sophronia

Paper Sculpture / October 2020
The city of Sophronia is built for the youth, led by the youth, and maintained by the youth. The foundation of this city is the pink roller coasters with steep humps. The clumps of trapezes are hanging in the middle, while the crouching motorcyclists are speeding up, enjoying their death rides. You might think we’re irresponsible and precarious, but this city is not just about fun and leisure.

The government constructs half of the city every few months; the banks, factories, schools, and hospitals with stone walls, marble pediments, and cement pylons. When the time’s up, they uproot this part of the city, dismantle it, take it off, and transplant it to the vacant lots of another half city. Even while you’re attending classes, going to doctor’s appointments, runnin errands trying to live the life of an adult, you can’t escape the sound of the roller coaster.

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.