Distance to Freedom

Conditional Design / April 2021
Participants were asked to connect point A and B of the board using ribbons and hooks.

No other restraints or explanations were given.

After they finished, participants received a booklet that explained what the ribbons represented:  

the distance North Korean refugees go through to get to freedom, and how they travel that distance.

Brown ribbon stands for the distance traveled by foot. 

Red ribbon represents distance traveled by car.

Black ribbon is distance lost in the wilderness, and the number of hooks represent the number of shelters the refugees stay in.

Participants were forced to make decisions without knowing what consequences they would bring. The conditional design process informs the participants the nature of a refugee’s journey: to constantly make blind decisions to survive. 

Credits: Ryan Diaz, Seongah Kang, Moritz Lònyay, Zoë Pulley, Jenni Oughton, Jack Tufts, Mina Kim, Adam Fein, Asta Thrastardottir, Zach Scheinfeld, Nick Larson, Sabrina Ji